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Сборная России по хоккею:::Пресса

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Кубок Мира по хоккею 1996 года



Toronto Sun
MOSCOW -- Most of Russia's hockey best are hard at work preparing for the World Cup, which begins for them in 17 days against Canada in Vancouver.
A team of Russian NHL stars defeated the Russian league champions Lada Togliatti 7-4 yesterday to win the Spartak Cup.
The troika of Sergei Fedorov, Vyacheslav Kozlov and Alexander Mogilny dazzled a near sellout crowd of about 6,000 hockey fanatics on a muggy afternoon.
The hockey millionaires produced four goals and a dozen great chances.
Fedorov, who plays for the Detroit Red Wings and has won the Frank Selke Trophy as the NHL's best defensive forward in two of the past three seasons, scored twice and was chosen the best offensive player in the four-team, week-long tournament.
Wings defenceman Vyacheslav Fetisov, 38, was given a Czech compact car as the best player in the tournament. Fetisov said he would sell the car and donate the money to Russia's fledgling players' association.
"Our players are now at about 50% or 60% of their form," said the NHL team's coach, Evgeni Zimin, who will share Russia's coaching duties at the World Cup with two other former Soviet stars, Boris Mikhailov and Sergei Makarov.
Fetisov, who helped select the Russian players on the World Cup team, said he had had to twist a few arms to get some reluctant NHLers to agree to play.
"All the guys are playing not for money, but for the prestige of the Motherland," Fetisov said.
Pavel Bure, coming off a season-ending knee injury with the Vancouver Canucks, has practised but has yet to play a game.
Alexei Yashin of the Ottawa Senators is expected to be in Moscow by Wednesday, when the Russians have their first formal practice. The only no-show is expected to be Colorado's Valery Kamensky, who is reluctant to play because he doesn't have an NHL contract, Fetisov said.


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