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Кубок Мира по хоккею 1996 года


August 15, 1996

Toronto Sun
MOSCOW -- Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Dimitri Yushkevich may figure prominently in Russian coach Boris Mikhailov's plans for hockey's first World Cup.
Yushkevich set up goals by linemates Pavel Bure, Alexander Mogilny and Sergei Fedorov yesterday as the Russian team scrimmaged for the first time.
The other member of what was far and away Russia's best and flashiest quintet yesterday was Vladimir Malakhov.
"It's really great to play with guys who have never had a chance to all be together before," Yushkevich said after a two-hour, high-tempo workout with arguably Russia's best hockey team since the early 1970s.
"We're speaking our own language for once. We're joking in our language. This is my country. I've played for different national teams since I was 14. I'm glad to have this chance."
While Mikhailov appears to have assigned Yushkevich to his first line, he already has been forced to juggle his lineup after only two days of training camp because of an unexplained injury to Igor Larionov, who was to have played on the first line.
Another complicating factor for Mikhailov is that Pavel Bure's brother, Valeri, has not showed up, owing to what the coach said were "problems" resulting from his recent marriage to Full House actress Candace Cameron in Los Angeles.
Although the local media have made a lot of the bad blood that exists between many of Russia's NHL players and Mikhailov and the Russian Federation, everyone was emphasizing the positive yesterday.
"I've never left Russia," Alexei Yashin of the Ottawa Senators said. "I'm just trying to do my best for my team, for my homeland and for the fans who like my hockey."
Yashin has been playing well. But none of the Russians has been better so far than Fedorov.
"We still remember the old Russian style. We haven't forgotten it, especially the guys who play together in Detroit," the Red Wings centre said.
Fedorov said he was prepared to play with anyone Mikhailov assigns him.
"But, it would be great if I could stay with my two buddies," Fedorov said, referring to his wingers from junior hockey, Mogilny and Pavel Bure.
Bure, coming off a knee injury, resumed skating only last week after an intensive physiotherapy program in Vancouver and with his father in Los Angeles.
"I haven't lost anything," Bure said after wind sprints in which he was faster than everyone but Fedorov.
Bure described the team atmosphere as "incredible."
Asked what is was like playing alongside Mogilny and Fedorov again, Bure said: "You don't have to do too much. You just open your eyes and put the puck in the net."
Russia has invited 26 players to camp. Only 23 of them will be allowed to play in the World Cup. Cuts will be made on Aug. 28.

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