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Кубок Мира по хоккею 1996 года


August 18, 1996
Yashin on top of the world

By MATTHEW FISHER -- Toronto Sun
MOSCOW -- Alexei Yashin was the last player off the ice after winning a bet with Andrei Trefilov by beating the goalie on a penalty shot with a quick wrist shot under the crossbar.
These are happy times for the Ottawa Senators' top player.
Unlike a year ago, Yashin has no contract problems to worry about this summer. He has had a wonderful summer, holidaying in Hawaii and Las Vegas, doing off-ice training in Ottawa and visiting his grandparents and childhood friends in the Urals.
Before reporting to Russia's World Cup training camp in Moscow, Yashin skated for two weeks at a hockey camp in Turku, Finland. With him were Dimitri Yushkevich of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Saku Koivu of the Montreal Canadiens.
If Yashin's play and his ice time during practice are a good guide, he seems set to be Russia's third-line centre at the World Cup, which begins for his team and Canada in Vancouver in Aug. 29.
One of Yashin's coaches here, Evgeni Zimin, said that there is a good chance that the lanky former Moscow Dynamo player will emerge during the World Cup as the next Valeri Kharlamov, the next Pavel Bure or the next Sergei Fedorov, in other words, the next Russian superstar.
Yashin seemed a little overwhelmed by Zimin's assessment.
"Before you become a superstar, you have to show you are the best, not just in the World Cup, but in the NHL."


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